Chair’s Message

David Thurston

Dr. Gareth Williams

School of Pharmacy,
University College London

” Scientific and societal developments in the 21st century offer a tremendous number of both challenges and opportunities in the development of new medicines. For instance, on the one hand it is now possible to sequence an individual’s genome both rapidly and cost-effectively, allowing unprecedented precision in the targeting of disease. In tandem, new technologies offer the tantalizing promise of cheaply producing small batches of bespoke medicines. However, at the same time the population globally is aging and the incidence of obesity is increasing alarmingly, requiring complicated and expensive dosage regimes at a time where healthcare budgets are increasing under pressure. The International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development 2017  will take a holistic approach to considering how new medicines can be developed for the 21st century. It will consider all aspects of medicines provision, including the discovery of new active ingredients, the use of pharmacogenomics to target therapies to the individual, the analytical and processing technologies required to convert a drug molecule to a medicine, and the needs of the patient and role of the pharmacist in prescribing. We hope that it will be of interest both to pharmaceutical scientists working in research and development and to practicing pharmacist, and warmly invite colleagues from around the world to participate. We hope to see you in Colombo in September 2017.!